Robotics, Mechatronics & Digital technology
Energy, Environment & Building
Double Flow Controlled Mechanical Ventilation System & Thermal regulations
Studying a Controlled Mechanical Ventilation system for low energy consumption buildings
Mono split Reversible Air-conditioner with Inverter
Training system to study a mono split reversible air-conditioner unit with R32 DC inverter
Thermal simulation software for buildings
Solar water heater:CESI Solerm-
Instrumented and communication-capable domestic solar water heater
Drinking water control and distribution
Test bench for level, flow and pressure control in drinking water systems and tanks
Modular system for off-grid solar study
OCS fuel cell
Study and projects on a fuel cell and related electronics
Photovoltaic and wind turbine kit
Projects for photovoltaic solar and wind energy production
Grid-tied Solerm - Grid-tied Eolerm
Instrumented grid-tied photovoltaic systemInstrumented grid-tied wind turbine (<12m - 0.9 to 3kW)
Grid-tied Eolerm
Instrumented grid-tied wind turbine (<12m - 0.9 to 3kW)
3,5kW wind generator characterization bench
Studying a grid-connected 3,5kW wind generator
Monitoring, control and optimization of electricity consumption in the tertiary sector
Supervision software for 240kWc photovoltaic plant (2000m²)
Software to design dynamic simulations for photovoltaic systems
Software to design dynamic simulations for solar heating, photovoltaic and heat
KNX eco-energy
Optimised energy management of a hotel with KNX protocol
Motorized shutter
For studying a motorized hinge and its remote control or home automation KNX
KNX ErmaDomo module
Home automation control unit with KNX and supervision
EnOcean wireless, battery-free home automation
Study and implementation of EnOcean wireless, battery-free home automation solutions
Performance and Entertainment Technology
Lighting, sound, effects and displacement systems in show business
Blower Door
Introduction to air tightness/leakage
Thermal infrared camera & Test bench
Introduction to infrared thermal imaging
Materials, Structures, Mechanics & Eco-design