Mono split Reversible Air-conditioner with Inverter
Training system to study a mono split reversible air-conditioner unit with R32 DC inverter


Thermodynamic residential equipment (R32 refrigerating unit)

Measurements (voltage, amperage, temperature, hygrometry, HP and LP manometers)

Training activities:

Electric and thermal measurements, data acquisition and interpretation

Energy balance and air conditioning efficiency

Enthalpy chart, humid air chart

Inverter technology (speed regulation of the compressor)

Control: study of the regulator

Products advantages:

Studying a monosplit reversible inverter air conditioner in real conditions

User-friendly data-acquisition of operating parameters on Labview


MO20: Monosplit reversible air conditioner with inverter

MO21: Datalogger and tele-monitoring via Ethernet (embedded web server)

AQ10: USB datalogger

AQ11: Differential voltage probe for USB data logger

AQ12: AC current clamp for USB data logger

PC22: 4-channel thermometer with PC acquisition and display (delivered with 8 thermocouple probes and PC acquisition software)