Training system for NAO Foot+Ankle control

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Interface d'acquisition de données capteurs pour NAO
Related ranges :


Mechanical transmissions (gears, gear reducer…)

Motors (DC motors)

Sensors (magnetic position sensors)

SPI electronic bus

Training activities:

Studying a DC / DC static converter

Studying correctorsand frictions

Friction identification

Influence of a PI corrector

Model of pitch behavior

Impact of sensor position on control

Studying inertia and pitch dynamics

Model analysis and balance concept

Kinematics: is the NAO ankle anthropomorphous ?

LTI system: identification of step responses, optimizing a PID corrector

Dynamics: dynamic optimization of a kick

Key points:

Ideal resource to teach about design and servo control for biaxial systems

Labview/Matlab/Sinusphymodels to compare simulations with real measurements

Disturbance accessories are supplied (weights, slopes)

Viewer Software for communication with and control from a PC

Solidworks 3D Model and electronic diagrams to study constructive and practical solutions

Reference:NA11: Training system for NAO “Foot + Ankle” control -PR09: USB Logic Analyzer (to see the frames running on the SPI electronic bus) –AQ10: USB Data Logger