Codey Rocky

Codey Rocky, the teaching robot for learning how to program

Presentation :

The Robot Codey Rocky is the latest MakeBlock robot. It is equipped with the latest technologies, in particular on connected objects (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI). It consists of two parts that can be assembled, Codey "the central unit" and Rocky "the chassis". It combines hardware and software allowing to learn coding while having fun. It is programmable with Scratch (mBlock) and Python. This robot is ideal for learning STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) and robotics.

Strong points :

Several operating modes (line tracking, obstacle avoidance, and advanced functions with Artificial Intelligence (image and voice recognition), and connected object functions (connecting to the Cloud, sending SMS and interconnecting applications).

Can be extended with Neuro e blocks to personalise your projects.

Technical description

  • Robot 10 x 10 x 9.5 cm composed of two main parts (Codey, the command part and Rocky, the operative part)
  • Motherboard based on ESP 32
  • 2 DC motors with gear reducers and caterpillar tracks
  • LED display, RGB status indicator, loudspeaker, light sensor, infrared transmitter and receiver, infrared proximity sensor, 6-axis inertial unit (accelerometer and gyrometer), three buttons
  • Powered by lithium battery
  • Bluetooth / Wi Fi / USB connectivity
  • Various software for control / command and programming :
    • mBloc 5 Scratch (programmation Scratch)
    • MakeBlock App (control, interface creation and block programming)

Reference :

MCD10 : Robot Codey Rocky