Materials and structures test bench
Studying materials and structures resistance
Contents and technical specifications of the basic configuration (EW10):
Electric cylinder (2500N)with incremental encoder for displacement measurement
Digital comparator for displacement measurement
3 force and torque sensors (with associated device)
Mounting bases
Tension clamping jaws
Simple (semi-cylindrical) fulcrums, pivots andfittings
Ceiling-mount with distribution plates
Controller and datalogger(force and displacement) with software
Set for simple tests (support beams, Portal frames, Truss).Safety enclosure for testing (EW09 version)
Training activities:
Static studies of beam bending (simple with two fulcrums, simple with fittings at one end, simple with 4 points of which two are fulcrums)
Staticstudies of traction
Static studies of compression
Static studies of support beams (two forces and momentum applied to a solid…)
Static studies of portal frames and truss(vertical force applied to a solid)
Studying frames made of wire mesh, e.g. rail bridge
Studying arches, e.g. rail bridge
Studying the structure of buildings, e.g. metal building with flat roof
Studying the structure of buildings, e.g.. metal building with slanted roof
Studying an mountain bike crankset with pedals
Distortion of a mountain bike rod, subjected to 3 concurrent forces
Key points:
Test control andmeasurements(force, displacement and constraint) on PC interface
Huge test enclosure (LxBxH=1500x700x1000mm) enabling tests on 3D structures
Possibility of combining forces applied by two cylinders
Tensile, compression, bending, torque and torsion measurements
Many available mechanical parts and frames (standard or optional)
Possibility of performing tests safely on any structure
EW09: Materials and structures test bench with safety enclosure
EW10: Materials and structures test bench
EW11: Device to measure torsional momentum
EW12: Extra electric cylinder with displacement and force sensor and simple (semi-cylindrical) fulcrum for tests
EW13: Extra displacement sensor (digital comparator) to be placed anywhere on the tested structure
EW14: Extra force sensor with flat base and simple (semi-cylindrical) fulcrum and pivot
SW10: Modular portal frame with 4 strain gauges and dataloggerto measure distortion in the structures
SW11: Test model to study complex structures (“Trestle bridge” and “Arch bridge”)
SW12: Test model to study a complex structure “Industrial metal building with 3 spans”
SW13: Test model to study cranksets with pedal and rods on mountain bikes
SW14: Beam for tension coefficient experiments