Test bench for materials and structures
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Doc. commercial Fr
Technical specifications:
Electric cylinder for tensile, flexure and compression 2,5 kN
Travel speed 100 mm/mn
Travel 100 mm
Cylinder adjustable in height
Work-bench 1000 x 160 mm
Maximum height of the tested sample 300 mm
Displacement accuracy 0,05 mm
Force sensor 5 kN, resolution 0,1 N
USB connection
«Oscar» software for data logging and processing
Training activities:
Studying beams
Studying structures
Studying tensile strengths
Studying compression
Materials comparison
Key points:
Possibility to measure tensile strength and compression with the same bench
Compact design
Many mechanical parts and frames (standard or optional)
TK10: TangoKit test bench for materials and structures, with frame, electric cylinder 2500N, 3 simple (semi-cylindrical) fulcrums, software
TK11: Extra displacement sensor (digital comparator)
TK12: Device to measure torsional momentum –Test samples : consult us