ErmaBoardSensors & Motors pack
Study of motor control and sensor technologies


Microcontrollers(Atmel/Arduino UNO or Microchip PIC18)

Human Machine Interface (LCD display)

Sensors(temperature, light, infrared, capacitive sensing, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, distance, proximity, color detection, etc.)

Mounting and prototyping breadboards

Motors(DC, servomotor and stepper)

Training activities:

Control of several motors (servomotors, DC, etc.)

Sensor setup (accelerometer, ultrasound, color detection, etc.)

Analysis of communicationprotocols (I2C, SPI, etc.)

Signal processing and impact of sampling frequency on measurement accuracy

Key point:

Economical solution for learning sensor and motor technologies


PR00+PR30+PR31+PR32+PR51: ErmaBoard Sensors & Motors

PR09:USB logic analyzer