Didactic Smart Grid for a teaching platform

Presentation :

For'SmartGrid is a didactic Smart Grid designed for a learning platform.

It is an intelligent electrical network with industrial components and operation identical to reality.

Examples of pedagogical activities:

Study of the electrical distribution of an eco-district (power and communication)

Implementation of a REMBT box and parameterisation of the SmartGrid general controller

Electrical measurements and analyses on TGBT-TGE (general and departures)

Implementation of a remote counting and piloting solution

Study and management of the deletion of consumption (TOR or Variation or Evolution of set-points)

Use and configuration of KNX, EnOcean or ZWave home automation solutions.

Study of local LAN and external WAN communication modes.

Installation, connection and configuration of a self-consumption PV power plant

Wiring, connection and configuration of an electric vehicle charging station

Maintenance procedures for a fleet of stationary Lithium electric batteries

Installation of a "Smart City" public lighting network in compliance with professional requirements.

Setting up an intelligent street lighting network controller with wireless communication

Lighting studies (luminous flux measurements, use of dimensioning software...)

Management of municipal costs on lighting and signage

Energy quality (power factor, harmonics, etc.) and EMC

Electrical appliances (BR, B1VL, TST batteries...)

The different systems of For'SmartGrid :


REMBT & SmartGrid General Controller

TGBT/TGE Communicant Ermadis

Smart Home KNX

Smart Home EnOcean

ChargingStation for electric vehicles

Recharging infrastructure for electric vehicles

Smart Street - Connected Public Lighting 

ErmaStock - Network Storage

Solerm Self-consumption

Videos :