Product composition:

Photoelectric sensor (thru beam, proximity, polarized reflection, fiber optic, programmable photoelectric)

Capacitive sensor (cylindrical adjustable capacitive proximity sensor)

Inductive sensor (rectangular inductive proximity sensor with self-learning feature)

Ultrasonic sensor (cylindrical programmable on/off ultrasonic sensor)

Mechanical sensor (by contact, with the possibility to change the head: pusher, lever or feeler)

Pressure sensor (on/off pressure detection, with adjustable point, analog pressure sensor 4 - 20 mA)

24V power supply and air compressor included

Retro reflector and parts of different materials for sensor characterization

Millimeter graph on the top surface

Training activities:

Introduction to proximity sensors

Studying the main principles of detection

Sensor performance monitoring

PLC power supply and connection techniques

Justification of the choice of a sensor technology

Selection of a sensor according to requirements

Product advantages:

11 different sensors, including mechanical and pressure sensors

Reference number:

SE//CAP11N Sensor Test Bench