Environment Automation 4.0

Industrial simulation environment of the industry of the future 4.0 with Siemens / Schneider PLCs

Presentation :

The EAxx Automated Environment is a didactic system implementing different technologies of the current and future industry around an adapted automatic board.

Technical solutions discussed :

Programmable Industrial Automation with Web Server - Siemens S7-1200 or S7-1500

Human/Machine Interface - Siemens KTP700 (optional)

RFID Traceability & Logistics (optional)

Weight control with strain gauge and Siemens Siwarex weighing card (option)

Control by industrial vision (option)

Communicating dimmer in Profinet (optional)

Operating part Conveyor+Pneumatic assembly (option)

Supervision Tablet for Siemens lectern (option)

IO-Link communicating sensors and actuators (option)

Pedagogical activities :

Functional and structural study of the system

LADDER coding methodology

Programming of the automation system, the human-machine interface and specific modules (RFID, weighing, vision, variator, communication, etc.).

Wiring, commissioning with adjustment and parameterisation, function validation

List of proposed pedagogical activities :

Activity 1: Setting up and viewing the data of an IO-Link device

Activity 2: Configuring and programming an IO-Link network in a TIA Portal project

Activity 3: The GRAFCET description from several points of view

Activity n°4: Coding an algorithm in LADDER language with an IO-Link pressure switch

Activity 5: Coding an algorithm in LADDER language with RFID technology

Activity 6: Coding an algorithm in LADDER language with analogue inputs

Activity 7: Coding a GRAFCET in LADDER language

Activity n°8 : Analysis of the functioning of the Control Part

Activity n°9 : Configuration of a sensor via NFC

Resource: Siemens TIA Portal software tutorial and training materials

This product is accompanied by a technical and educational file in digital format (HTML Site) including :

  • Installation and commissioning instructions, technical data sheets,...
  • Functional and electrical diagrams, programmes,...
  • Manufacturer's documentation of the components
  • Pedagogical activities (Word source files)

Strong points

Industrial system with modern technologies (RFID, weighing, vision, communicating speed variation, digital factory).

Upgradeable offer, from the automatic turntable to the mini-factory of the future.

This system can be used in the fields of electrical engineering, automation, production line control and industrial maintenance.

Delivered with TIA Portal programming softwares including Step7 and WinCC

Secure PLC box with power supply, electrical protection allowing professional or technological cabling.

References :

EA10: PLC board / Web Server S7-1200

EA20: PLC board / Web Server S7-1500

EA11: Optional additional analogue I/O card for S7-1200 PLC

EA12: Option lectern (HMI) Siemens KTP700

EA13: RFID traceability option (IO-Link)

EA14: Digital weighing option for PLC S7-1200

EA50: Profinet communicating drive option

EA00+EA03: Operating part Conveyor+Pneumatic Assembly

EA02: Industrial vision option

UC41: Supervision tablet option for Siemens HMI console

Compatible ancillary system :

EA09: Operating part Elevator for PLC boards