Drinking water control and distribution

Test bench for level, flow and pressure control in drinking water systems and tanks

Topic coverage:

Process measurements (Water level in the tank by ultrasounds)

Tanks (Water tank simulating a natural water reservoir, Storage tank simulating a water tower)

Variable-flow pumps (Circulator pump with Brushless motor, Compressor)

Valves (Quarter-turn manual valves, Solenoid valve for flow disturbance)

Control unit (Labview Interface, Variable speed drive)

Training activities:

Functional analysis: drinking water storage and distribution systems

Measurement principles (physical laws, sensors, transmitters..)

Variable-flow pumps

Identification of a stable open-loop and closed-loop system

Unstable OL and CL systems

Simple water level control, responding to a set point change, responding to disturbances

Integrator level control

Pressure and flow control, split-range control

Energy saving in drinking water systems management

Product advantages:

Ideal for studying process instrumentation, water level regulation, flow control and pressure regulation

Simple and complex regulation systems

System based on an actual application (Drinking water distribution with water tower)

Reference numbers:

DI10 Drinking water control and distribution training system

DI11: Complex water control and forced feed (flow/pressure) of drinking water (Optional)

DI15 USB datalogger with analog and on/off inputs and outputs

AQ11: Differential voltage probe for USB data logger

AQ13: Current clamp (AC and DC) for USB data logger