NAO Humanoid Robot

Mobile robotic studying system

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Communication de NAO avec des applications externes
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Audio(4 microphones and 2 loudspeakers)

Video(2 HD cameras 1200 x 960)

Inertial unit (3-axis accelerometer, and 2-axis gyrometer) and Sonars

Sensors (pressure FSR, bumpers, tactile)

Servo-motors (coreless motors withhall effect sensors)

Grip (prehensile hands with 3 operable fingers)

Intel Atom 1.6 GHz CPU with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB Micro SDHC (text-to-speech, Image and voice recognition…)

WiFi and Ethernet modules

Lithium-ion battery (90 minutes autonomy)

Training activities:

Functional analysis and SysMLdescription

Information chain architecture

Study of motion andcommunication

Study of controllers used on NAO

Development and testing of new algorithms(eg: sight…)

Project: Develop applications for NAO, invent missions for NAO

Project: Design software architecture for activities (eg: NAO monitors a room)

Key points:

Motivating and fun for students, and a medium of communication for the institution

Open environment (Software suite for programming and data logging...)


AR//H25-EA: NAO humanoid Robot with SDK, Choregraphe, Monitor, 10 licenses-

AR//SW-WNAO: Webots software for NAO, 1 license

NA10: Accessory kit for training activities (weights, ultrasonic sensors, Wi-Fi router, IR Remote control...)

NA11: Training system for NAO Foot+Ankle control

NA12: “Foot+Ankle” mechanical set

AR//SW-CSDK-U: Software suite Choregraphe, Monitor, SDK, site license

AR//SW-WNAO10: Webots software for NAO, 10 licenses