Buffer Tank (Level & Flow Control)

Training system (buffer tank) for level & flow control and instrumentation

Topic coverage:

Level measurements (Capacitive, Hydrostatic)

Flow measurements (Rotary vanes, Ultrasound)

Valves (Control valve with integrated electro-pneumatic positioner, position feedback, time delay electrovalve)

Pumps (Volumetric with rotary vanes, controlled by a speed drive with analog control and feedback)

Converter (Speed drive, Current-to-Voltage)

Storage (Atmospheric stainless-steel tank)

Communication & Fieldbus (Ethernet, Hart)

Process control (Industrial controller, PLC, DCS)

Training activities:

Analysis of different principles of measurement (physical laws, sensors, transmitters..)

Calibrating sensors (Level, Flow)

Study of the control valve (Valve action, Flow coefficient Cv, characteristics)

Identification of an Open-Loop and Closed-Loop system

Analysis of a naturally unstable OL and CL system

Simple level control with/without delay, feed-forward, cascade…

Simple flow control, split range

Programming of different process controllers (Process controller, PLC, DCS)

Product advantages:

3 different controllers may be used

Ideal for the study of industrial instrumentation and level / flow controls

Training system based on a real application (Buffer tank in a soft drinks production line)

Reference numbers:

RL10 Power supply & Security cabinet (for one or several Regulflex sub-systems)

RN10 Buffer tank (Level & Flow control)

RN11 (Optional) Process circulator pump

RN12 (Optional) Capacitive level transmitter

RM10 (Optional) Flow restrictor (Diaphragm)

RM11 (Optional) Differential pressure sensor (4-20mA / Hart)