Presentation :

The Smart IoT Sick TDCE & Smart Sensors Gateway Kit allows to implement Industrial IoT technologies during educational projects.

The heart of the product is the Smart IoT Sick TDCE Gateway which is a reference in the field of connectivity and monitoring of industrial equipment.

Its main applications are:

  • Monitoring of machine parameters
  • Connectivity & Supervision of legacy equipment
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Location Indoor & Outdoor

Technical solutions discussed :

The basic package includes :

Smart IoT Sick Gateway TDC-E200EU

Sensor Integration Gateway SIG100: Binary sensor distributor with decentralized intelligence (allowing the implementation of logic gates, timers, counters) and IO-Link and USB communication.

2x Photoelectric Sensor (Reflector & Background Removal)

1x Inductive sensor IO-Link

1x Temperature sensor PT100 with signal conditioner IO-Link/0- 10V

1x Ultrasonic distance sensor (20 to 150 mm)

24V power supply

Cables and cords

3D housing with Din rail and terminals for the connection of sensors to the Smart IoT TDCE Gateway

4 hours of electrical outlet and distance training

Pedagogical activities :

Parameterization of sensors

Parameterization of communication with a cloud

Dashboard programming on Node-RED

Strong points : 

Totally open environment allowing the connection of all types of sensors.

Learn about the latest intelligent industrial sensor technologies and monitoring solutions.

Scalable solution ideal for project activities with the possibility to integrate other sensors of different types and brands

Dashboard programming on Node-RED

References :

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Sick//Cloud//1an : One-year subscription option to Cloud Sick

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