USB NI 6210 data logger

Temperature datalogging, 0/10V sensors, 0 to 500V voltage, amperage, constraint


8 Analog Inputs 10V (1-bits, 250 kS/s)

8 Digital Inputs/Outputs

Two 32-bit counter/timers

Software configuration for thermocouples

Isolated input channels by external conditioners

User-friendly datalogging software (datalogging, display and analysis)

Types of measurable data and Conditioners:

0/10V sensors (without conditioner)

AC and DC voltage: 0/500V (with AC and DC voltage input conditioner)

AC and DC amperage (with AC and DC amperage conditioner)

Other sensors (with conditioners)

Key points:

May be used on ERM systems and any other didactic system

User-friendly data logging software: SysmaWinATS(software in French)

Possible interface with Labview (executable files supplied for ERM systems, Labview software)

Possible use of Labview Signal Express, free data logging software

Wide range of adjustable sensors and conditioners


AQ10: USB data logger

AQ11: Differential voltage probe for USB data logger

AQ12: AC current clamp for USB data logger

AQ13: AC+DC current clampfor USB data logger

AQ00: SysmaWinATSdata logging software

Many conditioners and sensors are available