Isolated site Photovoltaic and wind power

Studies and projects around solar photovoltaic and wind energy production


The Photovoltaic and Wind Energy Kit has been designed to allow the study of electricity production by solar photovoltaic and wind energy and its storage. It implements a complete chain of production, storage and distribution of electrical energy. Its modular nature makes it ideal for student projects.

The CH30 kit is delivered with a complete technical file (electrical diagram, technical data sheets of the main components, installation and maintenance manual) and educational file (possible educational activities).


Main components :

330Wp Photovoltaic Sub-Assembly

24V 160W Wind Turbine Sub-Assembly (Option CH32)

Control panel sub-assembly

Batteries sub-assembly

Weather sensor sub-assembly (Option CH31)

230V power distribution sub-assembly

Educational activities :

Sizing and energy balances

Economic and environmental analyses

Automation and communication

Commissioning and implementation




Student project material on photovoltaics (e.g. Designing an autonomous energy system) provided with an example of a teaching scenario

Solar panels can be mounted on the ground, on a wall or on wheels

Monitoring of the operating data of the system

Study of solar panel technologies, storage technologies (Regulator and Solar Batteries) and low voltage and 230V distribution (Inverter)

Study of energy efficiency

Measurement activities, implementation (wiring and connection), energy balances, dimensioning and justification of components, communication, technical-economic analyses...

160W wind turbine to complete the activities related to renewable energy (option CH32)

Weather station (optional).


CH30: Photovoltaic kit

CH31: Weather sensors

CH32: Wind turbine 160W 24V