Grid-tied Eolerm
Instrumented grid-tied wind turbine (<12m - 0.9 to 3kW)
Doc. commercial Fr
Families of studied components:
Direct or alternating currents (=> Grid-tied inverter 230V 1500 to 3000W)
Electrical power generation (=> Wind turbine with wattage rating 0.9 to 3kW on a 12m guy-wire supported tower)
Power electronics (Voltage rectifier case)
Communication and supervision
Energy quality and count
Security (=> Lightning arrester…)
Sensors (=> Wind speed, Noise, Temperature)
Training activities:
Study of the mechanical solutions of the wind turbine
Study of the energy transformation and transportation
Sizing of the installation and energy balance
Economical and environmental analysis
Analysis and commissioning of the system
System modifications (Projects…)
Diagnostic and preventive maintenance
Measurements and efficiency study
Parameterization and communication…
Product strengths:
ERM is a partner of Travere, French wind turbine manufacturer for 25 years
Availability of the entire manufacturer documentation.
Feasibility study and installation adapted to each site (Consult us for a pre-study)
On-lining of the production data
Wind turbine working at high speed winds thanks to its patented mechanical regulation
Associated products:
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