Topic coverage : 

Commercial refrigeration (R134A refrigerated unit for Positive cold and R404A for Negative cold)

Thermal Insulation (65mm-thick cold room for Positive cold, and 100mm for Negative cold)

Control (Temperature controller)

Sensors (Pressure, Temperature)

Communication and supervision

Fluid system, electrical circuits and their equipment

Training activities:

Commissioning & Configuration

Electrical and refrigeration maintenance

Electrical and refrigeration circuits

Enthalpy diagram, Energy balance and computation of the performance ratios

Forecasting operation modes

Electrical certification...

Product advantages:

Real-life situation and real sizing (Restaurant cold room)

Studying a low-cost industrial cold room

Resistance for simulation of temperature variation in the cold room

Reference numbers:

FP10: Positive cold room

FP12: Communication-capable controller (positive cold) (Optional)

FN10: Negative cold room

FN12: Communication-capable controller (negative cold) (Optional)

FP11: Data logging and teleprocessing unit for cold rooms

FP15-k: Positive cold room Kit with frame (to be assembled)

FN15-k: Negative cold room Kit with frame (to be assembled)