CTA Flex-

Air handling system with heating, cooling, humidifying, recirculation and industrial supervision


Blowing and extraction

Mixing(mixing case, 2 or 3 way)

Filtration(medium, high or very high efficiency)

Heating(hot water coil or electric coil)

Cooling(cold water coil)

Heat recovery(plate heat exchanger)

Sound attenuation (sound trap)

Steam humidification

Sensors (temperature, pressure, hygrometry...)

Centralized Energy Management system (CEM)

Training activities:

Commissioning & Configuration

Climatic and electrical maintenance

Analysis of the refrigeration, electrical and air flow circuits

Energy balance and calculation of the performance ratios

Forecasting the operating conditions

Key points:

Analyzing the functions of a CEM system for the 3 types of configuration (single flow, double flow with mixing, double flow with heat recovery)

Professional equipment used in collective buildings


WA10: Control box with Centralized Energy Management (CEM)

WV01: Blowing case (blower +soundtrap)

WV00: Recovery ventilation case (Recovery ventilation unit + soundtrap)

WF00: Pre-filtration and filtration case

WT00: Cold water coil case

WT01: Electric coil case

WT02: Hot water coil case

WT03: Heat recovery case

WT04: 3-way mixing case (Recirculation/Emission/Blowing)

WH00: Steam humidification case

WT05: Heat pump for hotor cold coil

WM00: Measurements case with temperature, flow and pressure sensors

WM01: Measuring instruments for pressure, flow, temperature, hygrometry (Kimo HDA Thermo-Hygrometer, Kimo VDA Thermo-anemometer hot-wire, Kimo MPA Micro-manometer)

WM02: Measuring and data logging instruments for pressure, flow, temperature, hygrometry (with software for data transfer to PC: Kimo DIAM-Log)