EnOcean wireless, battery-free home automation

Study and implementation of EnOcean wireless, battery-free home automation solutions


Wireless communication using ultra-low power

Piezoelectric, thermoelectric and solar microgenerators


Building security, fire detection

HVAC (heating, thermostat, ventilation)

Lighting control (light variator, light and occupancy sensors, etc.)

Access and opening control (window contact, EnOcean window handle, card/badge reader)

Supervision and home automation box

Training activities:

Mechatronic study of EnOcean solutions (mechanics, electronics, communication)

Setup of EnOceanhome automationinstallations (configuration and parametrization, supervision, etc.)

Configuration of a home automation box

Measurement of electricity consumption and analysis of savings made with EnOcean home automation

Mechatronic prototyping of EnOcean sensors or controllers

Prototyping of a home automation box with supervision application and configuration

Integration of EnOcean components in a KNX installation (via the KNX/EnOcean gateway)

Key points:

Many study, design and implementation activities

Initiation to a booming home automation technology, adapted to both residential and tertiary sector

Complementarity between the EnOcean solution and KNX (EnOcean = proximity technology)

Compatible with the “KNX Eco-Energy” and “KNX ErmaDomomodule” ERM products for advanced home automation scenarios


EN00: EnOcean starter kit

EN01: EnOcean developer kit

EN03: EnOcean home automation box prototyping and supervision kit

EN10: EnOcean lighting kit (sensors and controllers

EN11: Opening management kit (sensors and controllers)

EN12: Heat management kit (sensors and controllers)

EN15: EnOcean controller box (counter, lighting, sockets)

EN16: KNX/EnOcean gateway module

EN17: Wi-Fi/Ethernet/EnOcean home automation box