Electronics prototyping platform (Control circuits, Communication, Sensors, HMI, Robotics, Multimedia)

Features :

Electronic control (microcontrollers, FPGA, ARM9…)

Power supply (battery, solar cell)

Communication (Ethernet, Bluetooth, RFID, Zigbee, GPS, WiFi, CAN…)

Sensors (temperature, accelerometer, proximity…)

Human-Machine Interface (LCD, keyboard, voice recognition…)

Robotics/Mechatronics(relays, servomotors, mobile robot chassis….)

Multimedia(MicroSDcard, JPEG imager, MP3 decoder…)

USB logic analyzerfor the study of serial protocols

Training activities:

Architecture of electronic control systems

Principles of microcontrollers, FPGA and microprocessors (ARM9) operating principles as well as their applications

Programming the microcontroller, FPGA, and microprocessor ARM9 with the provided libraries

Communications protocols

Prototyping electronic control systems

Project 1 : Design and fabrication of a 2-wheel robot controlled by: a human-machine interface onLabVIEW, a joystick (Nunchukof the Wii console) and a LabVIEW or Arduino application, the Wiimote accelerometer (Wii console) and a LabVIEW application

Project 2 : Design, fabrication and commissioning a firefighter robot

Other projects are available

Key points:

Electronic circuits compatible withmodularsystems

Ideal for projects in the fields of electronics, information processing, communications and robotics

Provides introduction to and practice of several programming languages (graphics or text)

May be studied with the tutorial work provided, or as a resource for other instructional systems (e.g. : Prototyping a motor control unit with motorized hinges or a 4-wheel vehicle for NAO robot …)


Electronic control

  • PR00: Arduino UNO development kit (Atmel Microcontroller)
  • PR01: Arduino, compatible ERM(PIC18 Microcontroller Microchip)
  • PR05: Raspberry Pi development kit (ARM microcontroller)
  • PR02: Foxboard development kit (ARM microcontroller)
  • PR03: FPGA development board
  • PR04: Interface board for components on bus i2c, SPI, UART (noprogramming)
  • PR08: Kitwith lithium-ion polymerbattery and solar cell
  • PR09: USB logic analyzer –Protocolanalyzer CAN, SPI, I2C, RS232


  • PR10: Ethernet Kit
  • PR11: Wi-Fi Kit
  • PR12: USB device and USB host Kit
  • PR13: ZigbeeKit
  • PR14: Bluetooth Kit
  • PR15: GSM Communications Module
  • PR16: RFID Kit
  • PR17: RF 868 MHz Kit
  • PR18: CAN Communications Module
  • PR20: GPS Kit
  • PR21:NFC Kit Sensors
  • PR30:Sensor kit (temperature, brightness,infrared, capacitive sensing) with connectors
  • PR31: Sensor kit with accelerometer, gyroscope, compass
  • PR32: Sensor kit for distance,proximity and color detection Human-MachineInterface
  • PR42: Speech recognition kit
  • PR43: RGB led matrix
  • PR44: LCD colordisplay


  • PR50: 4-relayboard with opto-isolated control
  • PR51: Servo and motor kit
  • PR52: Chassis for 2-wheelrobot with DC motor


  • PR60: Storage on microSD card
  • PR61: JPEG imager
  • PR62: VGA Interface
  • PR63: MP3 Decoder
  • PR64:USB Webcam

Project kits

  • PJ00: Project kit “Remote-controlled 2-wheel robot”(Project 1)