Solar water heater:CESI Solerm-
Instrumented and communication-capable domestic solar water heater
Heat production (4m² flat plate collectors)
Thermal storage(300L tank simple or double heat exchanger with immersion heating resistance)
Thermal control (differential control)
Fluid system (circulation group, expansion tank…)
Measurements (energy meter, insolation, temperature, manometer)
Communication and supervision (communication-capable data logger)
Training activities:
Hydraulic and electricalwiring and connection
Overall and subsystem thermal balance
Supervision adjustments and control
Preventive maintenance of the installation
Techno-economic and environmental analyses
Eco-design of thermal solar collectors
Dimensioning the installation...
Key points:
Simulation of standard water consumption using a programmed solenoid valve
AB70: Solar water heater CESI Solerm: basic equipment (frame, pipes and fittings, electrical cabinet, sensors, data logging and supervision)
AB71: Solar water heater kit (300L tank, 2sensors) for inclined roof
AB72: Solar water heater Kit (300L tank, 2sensors) for flat roof
AB73: Solar water heater Kit (300L tank, 2sensors) for sun-breaker installation
so//PRKO: Maintenance tool case
AB36: Filling station