Material characterization equipment

Test bench for mechanical testing of materials

(20kN) with data collection

Technical specifications :

Manual or automatic dual column machine with motor driven positioning

Test load of up to 20kN and test run of up to 614mm

Data transfer on PC:

Force/Time (20Hz) and Force/Displacement (6Hz)

Training activities

Basic test bench: tensile, compression and Brinell hardness testing





Metal comparison

designing parts…

Product advantages:

Simple and sturdy system for training activities

Data accuracy 10N (for 20kN dynamometer) and 0.1N (for 500N dynamometer)

Reference numbers:

EM00/EM05 Material characterization equipment 20kN/5kN including basic test bench with force (20kN/5kN) and displacement datalogger, software, accessories for compression (20kN, 60mm plates), tensile (5kN) and Brinell hardness testing (5mm ball – 2.5 to 7.5kN), and samples of materials (Backpack loops, straps…)

EM01 force sensor to be connected to the datalogger, for testing brittle materials.

EP00 Specimens for hardness

EM02 Measuring magnifier for Brinell pattern cavity

EM10 Tools for 3-point flexure tests, up to 20kN, adjustable supports between 4 and 150mm

EP10/EP11 Specimens for flexure

EM20 Tools for tensile testing, up to 20kN, 35mm opening for all products and standard flat panels

EM24 Tools for tensile testing, up to 20kN, for standard flat and cylindrical specimens only

EP20/EP21 Flat/cylindrical specimens for tensile testing


EM30 Tools for shearing tests, up to 20kN

EP30 Specimens for shearing

EM40 Tools for impact tests, 8mm diameter, up to 20kN

EP40 Specimens for impact