KNX Dali Lighting unit

For studying lighting techniques and control solutions

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DALI - Protocole d'éclairage intelligent

Topic coverage:

Electrical distribution (KNX switchgears, KNX/DALI gateway…)

PLC (Siemens Programmable Logic Controller LOGO)

Lighting control (Dusk-to-dawn switch, DALI electronic ballast, Presence detector)

Lighting (Compact fluorescent, Fluorescent, Halogen, LED, High-pressure sodium, Metal iodine, Incandescent)

Communication (USB / KNX interface)

Bus configuration (ETS4 Lite) and supervision

Training activities:

Setting up and operating KNX and DALI components

Identification of components 

Addressing and configuration of components via ETS4 Lite software

Wiring diagram of installation 

Logic module programming

Failure diagnostics on KNX and DALI components

Product advantages:

Introduction to DALI, intelligent and communication-capable lighting management system

Handling of KNX, new standardized inter-operable communication bus for building control

Studying the main types of LED lighting

Programming and supervision applications are supplied

Reference numbers:

KN01: KNX Dali Lighting unit (with software license)

KN22: Domovea license with KNX/USB gateway

KN13: KNX configuration software KNX ETS4 (Professional Edition)