Regulflex4 Carbonatation Flow Pressure

Training system (carbonatation) of flow, pressure control and instrumentation

Doc. commercial Fr

Families of studied components:

Flow measures (=> thermal mass)

Pressure measures (=> Relative)

Temperature measures(=> PT100)

Several other measures (=> Disolved CO2, pH)

valves (=> Thermal mass process controller CO2 measurer)

Storage (=> pressure vessel : Cylinder of CO2)

Process components (=> static mixer)

Communication & fieldbus (=> Ethernet, Profibus, Hart)

Process controls (=> controller, IPD PLC, DCS)

Training activities:

Analysis of the different measurement principals (Physical laws, sensors, transmeters..)

Meter proving of the different sensors (Pressure, flow, temperature, CO2)

Analysis of Fieldbus, Hart and Ethernet communication protocoles

Analysis of the control valve (orientation of the action, DP, Cv, Caracteristics)

Analysis of a simple IPD control (Flow and Pressure)

Analysis of a three-ganged regulation (open loop, closed loop, double loop)

Programming of different process control tools (controller, PLC, DCS)

Product Strengths:

Three types of used controls

Ideal training system to implement the industrial instrumentation and flow and pressure controls

Training system based on a real application (Carbonation of water/Syrup mix of a soda flow line)

Associated products:

Industrial process controller module

PLC module with IPD board

DCS Module

Supervision software for PLC and DCS module (with a Regulflex application)

Supervision software for controller module (with regulflex application)

Sensors calibratin bench (Level, Pressure, Temperature)


RG13 : Option: Hart field bus

RG10 : Regulflex4 Carbonatation Flow Pressure (Process part)

RG11 : Option: Disolved CO2 measurer

RG14 : Option: Sensors for free measurement tap (Temperature, Pressure)

RG12 : Option: Profibus field bus