Screw capper

Capping of jars and bottles using mechanical cam synchronization

Doc. commercial Fr

Topic coverage:

PLC module and HMI (Operator panel)

Conveying (Belt, Slat band chain)

Packaging (Pick & Place and pneumatic clamping with screwing head)

Industrial Communication (Ethernet) and supervision

Electrical energy (Low-voltage switchgear, 3 motor controllers, asynchronous motors)

Pneumatics (Venturi valves, Distributors, Cylinders)

Movement conversion (Cams, Rollers, Gears, Cones, Springs…)

Sensors (Photoelectric)

Training activities:

Functional analysis, studying the technologies used and constructive solutions

Programming, control and supervision

Assembly, disassembly and adjustments (eg: Format change)

Preventive maintenance (eg.: insulation measurement) and corrective maintenance (Electrical and mechanical troubleshooting)

Movement transformation study

Product advantages:

Use of technical solutions for high production output rates

Reference numbers:

BO40: Screw capper

UC13: Supervision