Bench of maintenance and tightness test of industrial regulation valves

Topic coverage :

Pneumatic energy (Pneumatic and electro-pneumatic positioners)

Movement conversion (Cam, Spring, Shaft)

Sensors (Flow)

Materials (Materials suitable for air-tightness and fluid flow)

Training activities:

Functional analysis, studying the technologies used and constructive solutions (3D Solidworks)

Pneumatic connection, commissioning and tightness testing

Controlling mechanical stress and heavy lifting (eg.: Installation / removal of the 50kg valve on the test bench)

Preventive maintenance (eg.: Maintenance of the positioner and the sealing joint)

Corrective maintenance (eg.: Fault detection on the positioner)

Improvement maintenance (eg.: Changing the tightness class)

Assembly, disassembly and adjustments (eg.: Change of the valve’s position, Adjustment of actuator’s coupling, Change of actuator’s action…)

Product advantages:

Many mechanical activities on a very robust system

Valves with spare parts

Possibility of verifying mechanical operations with tightness test

Multiple workstations: One test bench for several valves

Basic elements:

Test bench for maintenance and tightness testing

Reference numbers:

MV10: MaintiValves test bench for maintenance and tightness testing

MV12: 3-inch Camflex Rotary valve (50kg)

MV13: 3-inch Single seat valve (100kg)

MV16: 1.5-inch manual diaphragm valve (on/off valve)

MV17: 1.5-inch manual pneumatic diaphragm valve (on/off valve)

MV18: 1.5-inch pneumatic diaphragm valve with electric servo motor and repair kit (on/off valve)

MV19: 1.5-inch rotary valve with repair kit (on/off valve)

MV11: Workshop crane