Hydraulic lifting unit

Hydraulic training system with variable loads

Doc. commercial Eng
Doc. commercial Fr

Topic coverage:

Hydraulic unit (on/off 60-bar power pack)

Hydraulic actuators (Single & double-acting cylinder)

On/Off Distribution (Pressure and flow limiters, Distributors 4/2 and 5/3, Check valve…)

Sensors (Manometer, Position)

Training activities:

Electrical and hydraulic connections

Studying hydraulic components

Analyzing vertical variable loads

Hydraulic measurements (Temperature, Flow, Pressure, Contamination)

Product advantages:

Ideal for hydraulics fundamentals, common parts at a competitive price

Possibility of using the Multitec hydraulic power pack and cylinder

Possible subsequent addition of more complex parts (easy replacement)

Can be connected to a PLC unit for operation cycles programming

Reference numbers:

HD10: Hydraulic lifting unit (without hydraulic unit / Multitec cylinder)

HD10-KH50: Hydraulic lifting unit (with hydraulic unit and Multitec cylinder)

HD11: Set of hydraulic parts for additional experiments