Jars & bottles weight control unit

Weight control of jars and bottles, and ejection of the non-compliant packaging

Presentation :

This system makes it possible to control the quantity of products in jars or bottles. Depending on the result, non-compliant products are ejected.

It is integrated into the Ermaflex production line.

Technical solutions discussed :

Programmable Logic Controller and HMI (Colour Touch Operator Panel)

Conveying (Pallet chains, Transfer spider)

Industrial communication (Ethernet) and supervision

Electrical energy (Bluetooth device, Dimmer, Motors)

Pneumatic (Distributors, Ejector Cylinders)

Sensors (Strain gauge, Photoelectric)

Pedagogical activities :

Functional analysis and study of technologies

Steering and supervision

Programming, Calibration and Settings

Quality control and statistics

3D mechanical studies on Solidworks

Points forts :

Statistical analysis of a production

On-line quality control and production indicator

References :

PF30: Weight control Pots & Bottles and its conveyor belt

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