VDI Kit (Voice Data Image)

Voice, Data, Image Production Kit - VDI

Presentation :

The VDI kit is a standardized modular box allowing to discover Voice Data Image communication networks.

Technical solutions discussed :

Standardized 19" 12U modular case with a shelf and a transparent door,

Switch 24 ports rackable 10/100/1000 Mbps,

19-inch patch panel for 24 electrical outlets,

650 VA communicating UPS (interactive line technology),

19 inch headband with 8 PC (2P+T),

24 shielded RJ45 cores Cat 6A,

10 shielded RJ45 electrical outlets to be crimped,

20 patch cords length 0,5m,

300 meters of 4 pair cable, Cat 6A,

RJ45 wiring and test kit with crimping tool.

Pedagogical activities :

Realization and commissioning,



Industrial measurement (network qualification).

Strong points :

Complete Voice Data Image Discovery Kit

Category 6A Industrial Components

Reference :

KI60 : Tertiary VDI (Voice Data Image) implementation kit