Addressable Fire Safety Kit type 1

ECS addressable fire safety implementation kit with CMSI Type 1

Presentation :

The ECS addressable fire safety kit with CMSI type 1 is a complete ready-to-use and easy to use package.

It allows the wiring, parameterization and commissioning of a complete fire safety system.

Technical solutions discussed :

Control and Signaling Equipment (ECS) and Fire Safety Control Center (CMSI)

Operating report board with display

Manual releases for surface mounting

Optical and thermo-velocimetric automatic triggers

Sound, light and mixed diffusers

Set of specific cables

Pedagogical activities :

Functional and structural study

Wiring and commissioning

Configuration and Setup

Care and Maintenance

Strong points : 

Complete kit to consolidate fire safety skills including ECS and CMSI

Central managing 128 points, 2 detection zones, 2 security zones

References :

KI42: ECS / CMSI addressable fire safety implementation kit

KI90: Electrical box, ducts and trunking for "low current" kits

FF17: 2D structure for electrical realization