Fire Safety Kit Warehouse / Technical room Type 1

Fire safety implementation kit for technical room store Type 1

Presentation :

The fire safety kit for technical store is a complete pack ready to use and easy to use.

It allows you to wire and test a complete type 1 fire detection system for stores or technical premises.

Technical solutions discussed :

Type 1 Rescued Autonomous Trigger Detector (DAD) with a loop of manual triggers, an automatic detection line and an undervoltage output.

Optical smoke detector with base

Surface-mounted manual release

Suction cup 24V power failure with plate

Batch of specific cables for the realization

Pedagogical activities:

Wiring and commissioning



Strong points : 

Complete kit for initiation to fire detection

Complies with the S 61-961 standard,

Ideal kit for a technical room (type store with back office) of two rooms with automatic door closing (type 1)

References :

KI40: Fire safety implementation kit DAD Type 1

KI90: Electrical box, ducts and trunking for "low current" kits

FF17: 2D structure for electrical realization