Ermalux Spectacle

Communicating theatre lighting system

Presentation :

The Ermalux Spectacle system is an educational, communicating lighting system that comes from an auditorium.

It allows the control/command of the lighting of the infrastructure including the stage and backstage (entrance hall, dressing rooms,...) in order to guarantee the visual comfort necessary for a modern theatre.

The technical solutions deployed implement industrial components in a tertiary building type of installation.

Technical solutions discussed :

Lighting with new LED technologies

DMX network-controlled motorised effect light

LED spotlights controlled by the DMX network

Bluetooth equipment (circuit breakers, dimmers,...) in tertiary enclosure

LED spotlight combined with a Z-Wave networked presence, light and temperature sensor.

IP video surveillance camera

HUE lamps with bridge and Zigbee network remote control

Communication Networks (DMX / Z-Wave / Zigbee)

A Jdome multi-protocol home automation box for control/command

Professional gantry crane 3 metres

Pedagogical activities :

The Ermalux Spectacle teaching system is mainly intended for the activities of production, commissioning with settings and parameters, operation and maintenance.

The teaching activities are provided in the Cpro form with the developed and corrected statements.

Scenario 1: Functional discovery. The student is asked to analyse the system, test the components and make a synoptic of the installation.

Scenario 2 :IP camera. The student is asked to identify the characteristics of a piece of equipment, to make a connection cable and to validate the communication tests.

Scenario 3 :Creating a new start in lighting. This scenario is divided into several parts :

  • First part: The student is asked to choose the protectionsn to carry out the installation of the protections (BR intervention), to control and record the circuit, and to update the technical file.
  • Second part: the student is asked to prepare the intervention, to wire and connect a radio module and to check his work.
  • Third part: the student is asked to find out about the communicating system, configure the radio module and carry out tests and acceptance of the installation with the customer.

Scenario 4 :Take measurements. The student is asked to find out about system lighting and standards and to take measurements.

Scenario 5 :Commissioning: It is necessary to find out about the system, to check the conformity of the installation and to carry out functional tests.

Scenario 6 :Getting to grips with the Lumidesk software. The student is asked to learn about IP/DMX communication protocols, to use a lighting management software and to test the programme.

Strong points :

Implementation of new LED lighting technologies

Control / command with Lifedomus home automation box

Implementation of different communication networks (DMX, Z-wave, zigbee, Ethernet)


EL20+CX11+DM10+LE10+3xLE11 : Ermalux Spectacle üincluding a 3-metre gantry, a DMS lyre, three DMX colour-changing LED spotlights, a DMX controller with a DMX console and 3D scene programming software, a chassis with a modular box, a patch box, three HUE lamps (zigbee network), a presence detector, an LED spotlight (Z-Wave network), a video surveillance camera and a home automation box.

EL21 : Electrical protection and control/command box set

LE11 : Colour-changing LED spotlight with additional DMX control

KN32 : Supervision touch tablet and WiFi router

AQ14 : Measuring box for control and power signals