KNX Smart Home

KNX home automation wiring and installation in a full-scale 3D structure


Electrical distribution (residential wiring cabinet with KNX low-voltage switchgear, service shaft, RT2012 flush-mounted cases, etc.)

Management of opening elements (KNX-commanded shutters, window opener)

HVAC (heating, thermostat, ventilation)

Lighting (energy-saving, LED)

Lighting control (light variator, light sensor, presence detector)

Communication(Ethernet / KNX)

Energy and fluid metering (water simulation) and consumption monitoring

Bus configuration (ETS4 Lite) and supervision (Domovea)

Touchscreen tablet for home automation control

Video surveillance(IP camera connected to home automation supervision)

Training activities:

Installation and complete wiring of the 3D cell (cabinet, service shaft, home automation components, etc.)

Commissioning of KNX automation components

Addressing and configuration of components via ETS4 Lite software

Configuration of the Domoveaserver for touchscreen tablet supervision

Measurement of water and energy consumption and power

Introduction to different types of lighting and lighting control

Estimation of energy, installation and maintenance savings compared to a traditional installation

Key points:

Real-life installation conditions (“actual” components in a 3D cell) and initiation to the main electrical functions of residential buildings

Introduction to buildingcontrol solutions,thermal regulation andstandards for disabled persons

Use of the KNX standardized communication-capable bus for intelligent buildings

Modularity that enables multi-user work (Case/Service shaft –Electrical network)

Upgradable solution: Sensors/actuators may be added (8 KNX participants)


KN30+KN31: KNX SmartHome(already assembled/ wired)

KN30+KN31-k: KNX SmartHome(assembly kit)

KN30: KNX SmartHome component kit

KN31: 3D structure for KNX SmartHome assembly

KN32: Supervision touch screen tablet

KX22: Videosurveillance IP camera

FF15: Optical fiber subscriber connection from the operator’s delivery point (Optional)

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