Technical specifications:
Stainless steel hotwire probe Ø 8 mm, length 300 mm and 2m cable
Velocity 0.15 to 30 m/s, Airflow 0 to 99 999 m³/h, Temperature-20 to +80°C
VTS version: 1-line display + Functions: Velocity, Temperature and Hold + Calibration certificate
VTA version: 2-line display + Functions: Velocity, Airflow calculation, Airflow calculation with cone, Temperature, Automatic average, Hold, Min, Max, Backlight and Auto shut-off + Transport case + Calibration certificate
KI//VTA: Hotwire electronic thermo-anemometer (Kimo VTA)
KI//VTS: Hotwire electronic thermo-anemometer (KimoVTS)
KI//K35: 400m3/hairflow cone
KI//K75: 750m3/hairflow cone
KI//K120: 1200m3/hairflow cone
KI//K150: 400m3/hairflow cone