Refrigeration assembly trainer

Assembly, wiring and testing of cooling units and refrigeration control devices


Commercial refrigeration(R134A refrigeration unit…)

Command and Control(temperature controller)

Sensors (pressure, temperature)

Low voltage switchgears

Training activities:

HP and LP piping, adding a valve

Diagrams and electrical wiring

Pressurizationand leak detection

Set up (adjustments, gas recharging)

Thermodynamic measurements

Set up of a controller with a draining evaporator

Fluid recovery

Electrical and refrigeration certification

Product strengths:

Compact size for economical use (few consumables)

Training course covering all operations of refrigeration units


FM10: Refrigeration assembly trainer

FM11: Tool kit for refrigeration certification

FP19: Basic refrigeration tools

FM12: Spare parts kit for refrigeration assembly trainer

FM13: Removable box with electrical components