25/40/100MHz 2-channel digital oscilloscope (Metrix DOX2025, 2040 & 2100)

Technical specifications:

Ergonomic, high performance and multiple acquisition and analysis


Very bright 7’’ TFT color screen

Sampling rate up to 1 GS/s in one-shot mode and 50GS/s in ETS

Choice of 3 acquisition levels: sample, averaging to reduce noise, and

peak detect for capturing transients in 2 modes

“Real Time” and “Equivalent Time”

Memory depth of 40 k points to 2 M points

Vertical sensitivity from 2 mV/div. to 10 V/div. in 12 ranges

5 types of triggering: edge, pulse width, video, slope, and alternate

32 automatic measurements can be viewed simultaneously on the screen

Measurements using manual cursors

Simple MATH functions (+,-,x,/ ) and “real-time” FFT function with simultaneous display of traces

Multiple memorization: 20 setups

5 types of recording: parameters, curves, images, .csv and factory data, internally or on a USB stick

Communication: host USB and device (PC, Pictbridge printers, USB stick)

EASY SCOPE software that displays waveforms generated by the oscilloscope, sends programming commands, and offers configuration tools for a virtual panel


CA//DOX2025: 2x25MHz digital oscilloscope (DOX2025)

CA//DOX2040: 2x40MHz digital oscilloscope (DOX2040)

CA//DOX2100: 2x100MHz digital oscilloscope (DOX2100)