Grid-tied Solerm - Grid-tied Eolerm

Instrumented grid-tied photovoltaic systemInstrumented grid-tied wind turbine (<12m - 0.9 to 3kW)

Doc. commercial Fr

Topic coverage:

Direct and alternating current (230V Grid-tied inverter 1500 to 3000W)

Photovoltaic power generation (Starting from 1kW)

Wind power generation (Wind turbine from 0.9 to 3kW on a 12m guy-wire supported tower)

Communication and supervision

Metering and Power Quality

Security (Lightning arrester…)

Sensors (Insolation, Temperature)

Training activities:

Constructive solutions of wind turbines

Transformation and displacement of energy

Dimensioning the installation and energy balance

Economical and environmental analysis

Analysing and operating the system

System modifications $(Projects…)

Diagnostics and preventive maintenance

Measurements and efficiency study

Configuration and communication...

Product advantages:

Feasibility study and installation adapted to each site (Contact us for a pre-study)

Putting production data online

Use of reliable and proven industrial components

Reference numbers:

CR10: Grid-tied Solerm 1150Wp (flat roof)

CR20: Grid-tied Solerm 1500Wp (flat roof)

CR30: Grid-tied Solerm 2000Wp (flat roof)

CR40: Grid-tied Solerm 3000Wp (flat roof)

CR05: Data logging & Communication (Optional)

CR06: Backup battery (Optional)

CR07: Display for production data (Optional)

CR08: Electric meter set (Optional)

Other types of roof: Contact us

Wind turbine projects : Contact us