Rotating machines test bench with speed drives and active load

Studying and testing of industrial rotating machines with simulation of multi-quadrant loads


Flux vector drive (Leroy Somer)

Motors (asynchronous, synchronous and DC)

Training activities:

Introduction to different types of loads (pump, fan, lifting, conveyor, etc.)

Introduction to different types of torques (constant, linear, quadratic, hyperbolic, manual)

Comparison of motor characteristics

Introduction to the basic principles of a speed drive

Operation and adjustments of a speed drive

Study of energy savings generated by high-efficiency motors and speed drives

Key points:

Compact and economical solution for studying electric motors and speed drives

Speed drive configuration and operational measurement acquisition software

“Active Load” approach (replacing brake, torquemeter, dynamo-tachymeter) offering more possibilities for studies and data acquisition with a specific software for acquisition of mechanical and electrical data from the machine being tested (motor speed, torque, inertia, voltage, current, power factor, efficiency losses…) and simulation or visualization of industrial applications (conveyor, lift, pumps…).

Customized loads can be created

References for active load:

LS05: ActiveLoad bench for 1500W machines with ApiLesoftware

LS06:Support stand

LS07:Support frame on casters

References for drives:

LV00: LeroySomerDigidriveflux vector drive for training use

LV05: Leroy Somer Unidrive universal flux vector drive for training use

References for motors:

Many references for asynchronous motors with or without encoder, synchronous and DC motors, 300W or 1500W, IE1, IE2 or IE4

Reference for power supply:

LS08: Multi-voltage power supply board for electrotechnical tests