Air/Water Heat pump

Instrumented 8kW reversible heat pump

Topic coverage

Thermodynamic equipment

Thermal control

Fluid system (Circulation unit, Expansion tank, Buffer tank…)

Measurements (Thermal and electrical meters, Temperature, High pressure and Low pressure manometer)

Training activities:

Hydraulic and electrical wiring and connecting

Commissioning, configuration and maintenance

Overall and subsystem thermal balance

Techno-economic and environmental analyses

Dimensioning the installation

Product advantages:

System built around the Daikin Altherma model, one of the most sold in Europe

Temperature display brought back on display or central acquisition and supervision (options)

Reference numbers:

PC60 : Air/Water Inverter Heat Pump 8kW reversible instrumented

PC61 : Optional 3-way valve for DHW production (tank with exchanger not supplied)

PC63 : Faulty components

PC22 : Multi-channel temperature recorder reader and probes for refrigeration circuit

PC28 : Data acquisition & remote management

RA20 : Balancing bench for radiators

VC10 : Fan convectors bench

PV20 : Heated floor bench

PC25 : Aerotherm 6-13 kW

PC26 : Aerotherm on chassis

PC27 : Plate heat exchanger