Durability test for bellows and springs

Doc. commercial Eng
Doc. commercial Fr

Topic coverage :

PLC and HMI (operator panel)

Industrial Communication and supervision (Embedded Web Server)

Electrical energy (Low-voltage switchgear, communication-capable speed drive, asynchronous and brushless motors)

Pneumatics (Filter and controller, Distributor, Cylinder, Blocker)

Proportional hydraulics (60-bar power supply, Distributor and proportional amplifier, double-acting cylinder)

Movement conversion (Connecting rod / Crank)

Sensors (Temperature, Pressure, Capacity, Reed switch, Wire potentiometric, Mechanical)

Training activities:

Functional analysis, studying the technologies used and constructive solutions (Solidworks 3D-modeler)

Adjustments and configuration of the system depending on the series of tests (eg.: Dialogue & Communication function)

Laying and removal (Format change is possible for the operating part)

Preventive and corrective maintenance (Electrical and mechanical failure diagnostics)

Dismounting, mounting and adjustments (Bearings, ball bearing guiding outfit, blocker, reduction gear...)


Control, Local and remote monitoring to help with maintenance

Improvements (eg.: Placing a clogging indicator on the hydraulic circuit)

Speed control (Rod / Crank rotation) and position control (Cylinder)

System performance analysis (Overheating, Vibrations…)

Developing and updating a maintenance operations file

Setting up a geared brushless motor with intelligent positioning and axis card

Product advantages:

Compact system composed of robust industrial parts

Studying 3 different technologies (Electrical, Pneumatics, Proportional hydraulics)

Observation of events related to continuous operation of the system (Vibrations…)

Reference numbers:

BM10+BM12+BM13: Ermatest Bellows Test (Electro-pneumatic motor)

BM10+BM14+BM15: Ermatest Springs Test (Hydraulic motor)

BM10+BM12+BM13+BM14+BM15: Bellows and springs tests (Both Electro-pneumatic and hydraulic motors)

BM11: Supervision (Optional)

BM19: Upgradeable kit to a brushless motor

BM18: Equipment for tutorial work (Insulation controller and IP Camera)