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Multi-formats and multi-products training industrial automated line of manufacturing, packing and palletizing

What is Ermaflex?

Ermaflex is an instructional production line comprised of autonomous and modular systems which may be operated separately.

Each school may compose its own production line according to its needs and budget.

These systems come with many sub-systems in order to have several workstations.

Ermaflex integrates electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanic technologies.

Ermaflex covers both production control and industrial maintenance.

Product advantages:

Adaptation to the problems faced in every sector of production

Reliable systems (Mechanically-welded base and suitable parts) allowing assembly, disassembly and format changing many times

Line with upgradeable structure (Integration of peripheral systems and parts) and upgradeable consumables (Sizing of jars and bottles…)

Use of several products (Granulates, pellets, liquids, pastes) and several formats (Jars, bottles, carton boxes)

Multi-technology environment: electricity, pneumatics, hydraulics, proportional hydraulics and mechanics

Possible packaging of water and granulates, thereby avoiding any cleaning operations of the equipment before and after use

Easy preparation of activities due to instant start-up

Works with recyclable consumables

The 10 systems of the Ermaflex line:

1- Process: Manufacturing of liquid, paste and semi-pasty products

2- Rotary Table: Distribution of jars or bottles

3- Filler / Doser: Filing and dosing of liquid, paste and semi-pasty products

4- Screw capper: Capping of jars and bottles using mechanical cam synchronization

3&4- Polyprod: Multi-format packaging (Filling, dosing and capping of liquids and granulates in jars and bottles)

5- Jars and bottles weight control unit: Weight control of jars and bottles and discarding of the faulty ones

6- Labeling unit: Applying self-adhesive labels on jars and bottles

7- Collating and Case packing unit: Jars or bottles are collated, grouped and packed into cartons

8- Multitec: Stacking and unstacking of 800 x 600 pallets

9- Palletizer: Stacking cartons onto a pallet

10- Supervision: Total or partial control of the ERMAFLEX manufacturing line

Peripheral products of the Ermaflex line:

11 sub-systems for the Screw capper, Polyprod, Collating and case packing machine, Multitec…

CMMS Software (Computerized Maintenance Management System)

Digital 3D simulator

Tool box for the Ermaflex systems

Set of spare parts

Rolling side table for format change

Software for PLC programming (Zelio PLC, TSX37, Twido, S7-200), operator panels (XBT-L1000) and motor control software tools (Powersuite)

Topic coverage:

PLC modules (Schneider & Siemens)

Manufacturing (Triple walled stainless steel tank)

Conveying (Conveyor Belt, Roller, Slat band chain & Chain conveyors, 2 or 3-axis transfer system)

Packaging (Filling and screwing heads) and Handling (Grippers, Vacuum)

Industrial communication and supervision (Ethernet, ASi, Industrial supervisor)

Human Machine Interface (Operator panel)

Electrical energy (Low-voltage switchgear, Motor control, Asynchronous and brushless motors …)

Pneumatic energy (Generators, Distributors, Actuators)

On/off or proportional hydraulic energy (Generators, Distributors, Actuators)

Movement conversion (Coupling, Gears, Cams, Rack…)

Sensors (Temperature, Pressure, Reed switch, Photoelectric, Mechanical, Inductive…)

Operators’ safety (Non-contact safety switches)

Training activities: Many teaching activities are developed around:

Analysis (Action and acquisition chains, Regulation and speed control analysis…)

Design (Programming, Study of mechanical solutions on 3D-modeler, Module extension...)

Control (Production, Line control, Line reconditioning after a change in production format, supervision with Ethernet communications network)

Maintenance (Mounting and dismounting, Adjustments, Wiring and connection Diagnostics, Prevention, Improvements, Troubleshooting…)