ERM provides technical systems and services in 4 fields :
Education : Didactic solutions for technological training
Robotics : Robotics and mechatronics solutions for industry, drones and services
Fab&Test : Manufacturing and testing of spare parts and short run production
Energies : Autonomous power supply solutions
Head office : Carpentras (Vaucluse). FRANCE
A few figures :
Date of creation : 1990
Number of employees : 45 people (approximately)
Manufacturing area : 2100 m², including 1700m² for assembly workshop
Turnover: over 7 million euros
Investment : each year, ERM invests 10% of its turnover in research and development
ERM is one of the market leaders in didactic solutions for technological training in France.
Today, ERM provides 8 ranges of educational :
Design & Technology
Prototyping, manufacturing & mechanical testing
Electronics & Communications
Maintenance & production control
Robotics, Automation & Process control
Electrotechnics & Renewable Energy
Thermal Engineering & Renewable Energy
Industrial measurement and maintenance tools
More than 1500 institutions in France and many countries (Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America...) are equipped by ERM : Secondary schools for vocational training, Vocational training centers, Universities, Universities of Technology, Major engineering schools, etc…
ERM, under its brand name ERM Robotics, has developed a range of robotic and mechatronic solutions for industry, drones and services:
Modular or customized industrial robotic units
Components for industrial robotic and mechatronic projects (Motor control, bushless motors…)
Mechatronic components and accessories for drones
Robotic solutions for training (training in robotic technologies, robot-assisted courses)
Through its brand name ERM Energies, ERM provides in the power supply systems for off-grid or self-supply areas. These solutions rely on renewable energies (solar, wind turbine…) and are recognized by our clients for their proven performance and reliability.
AQUASOLAIR, another company in ERM group, established in 2006, is involved in energy efficiency projects for industries, services, commercial and residential buildings (new and renovated): Heating, Air conditioning, Hot water production, Ventilation, Electricity, Home automation control, Photovoltaics…
Fab & Test
ERM, under its brand name ERM Fab&Test, provides solutions for manufacturing and testing of spare parts and short run production (3D printers, laser cutting / engraving machines…).
ERM applies procedures in manufacturing and quality control to deliver the best products: :
Assembly, commissioning and control manuals for our technician in our assembly workshop
Quality control post-production
ERM products are certified EC (conforms to EC regulations) by an independent third-party
Ongoing training of our technicians and engineers
We offer a free technical assistance by phone/email during the equipment lifetime.
All our products are delivered with a technical file (Drawings, Technical manuals…).
The didactic equipment are supplied with a full educational resources file (experiments, practical exercises, tutorials).
ERM may provide, upon request, the installation and training for our equipment. This service is provided by our technicians and engineers of the R&D department.
ERM Automatismes Industriels
561, allée Bellecour - 84200 Carpentras - FRANCE
Tel : +33 490 60 05 68 - Fax : +33 490 60 66 26
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