Co-bot 6 axis Niryo
Niryo 6-axis collaborative robot

Presentation :

The Niryo robot is an open source 6-axis collaborative robot made in France.

It is based on ROS, Arduino and Raspberry Pi

It allows programming with Scratch (blockly), Python, C++, Matlab and implements Modbus TCP/IP communication and TCP ASCII server.

Technical solutions discussed :

6-axis robot (reach 440 mm, load 0.3 kg)

Stepper motors with digital encoders and servomotors

Electronic control/command card Raspberry pi3

Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB connectivity

Driving software Niryo One Studio

Pedagogical uses :

Functional analysis of the robot (context of use, need and service provided)

Structural analysis of the robot (axes, motorisations, transmissions, etc.)

Measurement of deviations

Programming in Python

Strong points :

Discovery of robotics, mechanics, electronics and programming.

Ideally illustrates collaborative robotics and new industrial processes in Industry 4.0 (industry of the future)

Can be extended with pliers, suction cup, electromagnet

References :


SNIRYOONE : 6-axis robot NIRYO ONE (Robot only)