Tri’ode 6-axis platform
6-axis platform for inertial measurement unit certification
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Controlled mechatronic platform with 6 degrees of freedom

Inertial measurement unit (3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope)

Digital servomotors with communication bus (SED)

Control/Command/Acquisition in LabVIEW

Training activities:

Description and analysis of the system in SysML

Information chain/Energy chain

Kinematic modelling and geometric configuration (direct and reverse)

Modelling of controlled systems

Configuration of a controller (compliance/PID)

Study of communication networks

Key points:

TCS-based system that controls scooter tilt (patented)

Platform with 6 degrees of freedom for qualifying and certifying an inertial measurement unit

Practical exercises developed for training modules

Plenty of models and sizes (modelling/engineer-like experimenting)

Open solution for Matlab/Scilab control

Programming is possible with Python/Arduino board


CI10: Tri’ode 6-axis platform

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