Motors & Motion Lab
Platform for the study of DC, brushless and stepper motors from ERM systems
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DC motor with incremental encoder (NAO / Cable robot or other)

Brushless motor (Cable robot / Imaging gimbal or other)

Stepper motor (Cable robot or other)

Linear DC motor (Voice Coil)

USB, CAN and CANopen communication

Embedded electronic circuits for motor control and I/O management

Position, speed, torque control with P, PI, PID controllers

Software suite for configuration, experimenting, data acquisition and processing

Possible training activities:

Theoretical study: Multiphysics modelling of electric motors

Comparison between simulation models and real motors

Interpretation of differences and model improvement proposals

Identification of electrical and mechanical characteristics by open loop control (constant speed and sinusoidal control)

System stability prediction by analyzing open-loop frequency response (open-loop Bode plot)

Impact and optimization of P, PI, PID controllers for speed, position and torque control

Using an optimization method for automated controllers (autotuning)

Analysis of CAN and CANopen communication protocols

Programming and setup of embedded electronic components

Key points:

Advanced platform for analysis, modelling and experimenting on motorizations of our systems

Flexible and fast implementation of the software suite for configuration and testing (Ingenia Motion Lab)

Many experiments using flywheels and active motor load


MT10: Motors & Motion Lab (basic package with DC and brushless motor)

MT11: Linear DC motor (Voice coil)

MT12: Stepper motor

MT15: CAN/USB gateway for implementing a CAN/CANOpen bus

MT12: Stepper motor

MT15: CAN/USB gateway for implementing a CAN/CANOpen bus