OCS fuel cell
Study and projects on a fuel cell and related electronics
Related ranges :
Doc. commercial Fr
50W fuel cell, 10.2 to 15.3V, type PEMFC
Thermocouple management electronics
Hydrogen tank and charge solution
DC-to-DC converters and hybridization modules
Training activities:
Study of hydrogen storage and energy production
Study of fluidicsand heat transfers
Study of power electronics, signal processing and sensors
Project: Design and implementation of a power supply system based on a fuel cell used independently, combined with a power storage buffer (stationary battery) or with another power source (photovoltaic, wind generator, etc.)
Key points:
Labview measurement executable supplied (with AQ10 option)
Compatible with “Modulosolaire” (modular system for the study of off-grid solar photovoltaics) and the ErmaBoardelectronic prototyping platform
Project implementation guide and resource file on the theory of fuel cells
PI10: 50W 12V OCS fuel cell with management electronics, hydrogen (hydrides) tank and accessories
PI11: 12V output DC-to-DC converter
PI12: 9V output DC-to-DC converter
PI13: 12V battery charger
AQ10: USB data logger