Industrial command prototyping platform

Prototyping of control parts based on a real-time NI myRIOcore and industrial motor controller boards


Real-time LabVIEW control (myRIOboard)

Communication (CAN bus)

Motorization & Energy (industrial controller for brushless, DC and stepper motors)

Load measurement

Video and image processing

Inertial measurement unit(accelerometer and gyroscope)

Training activities and projects:

Real-timeprogramming inLabVIEW

Motor controller board configuration

Study and configuration of a CAN bus

Experimental optimizationof control parameters via autotune

Integration of image analysis in a control system

Project: System control design or upgrade (position, speed and load control)

Key points:

The solution is open to development projects on your existing systems

Examples of applications with LabVIEW files provided (Aerial imaging gimbal, Cable-driven robot)

Compatible with C-Seriesboards from National Instruments (for upgrades and projects)


NC00: National Instruments myRIOkit for real-time control and acquisition

NC09: Controller board for 2 brushless motors

NC08: Controller board for stepper, DC and brushless motors

NC01: CAN communication card for myRIO

NC15: Video control camera

NC20: S-beam load cell with signal conditioner

NC21: Inertial measurement unit with accelerometer and gyroscope

SQ11: 96 fps USB camera with configuration software (LabVIEW analysis)

SQ12: 500 fps USB camera