KNX ErmaDomo module
Home automation control unit with KNX and supervision
Related ranges :
Doc. commercial Fr


Communication(USB / KNX Interface)

Electrical distribution (modular KNX, KNX switches…)

Sensors (KNX temperature and brightness)

Training activities:

Scripting commands

Addressing and configuration of KNX parts

Frame reading on KNX bus

Developing home automation supervision

Key points:

Compatible with ERM products “Motorized shutter”, “Air/Water Heat Pump & Fan coil unit”

KNX projects with ErmaDomoKNX peripherals (24Vdc actuators and fast connectors for easy wiring)

This system may be used as the core of any KNX Home automation project (lighting…)


GD12: ErmaDomoKNX module(home automation remote control with KNX and supervision)