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Monitoring, control and optimization of electricity consumption in the tertiary sector

Description of GreenPriz:

Wireless control modules for the power supply of electrical equipment, by means of customizable schedules (15-minute slots) stored in their memory

Innovative solution for professionals, from the DIN module for the electrical cabinet to the wall socket, which provides simple, effective and affordable answers to your questions on the monitoring, control and optimization of electricity consumption

Consists of autonomous modules that require no Internet connection, no permanent radio transmission, and no additional wiring

Up to 43% of energy is saved, with a fast return on investment.

Training activities:

Consumption measurement for single-phase electrical equipment

Audit and optimization of electricity consumption

Installation and configuration of GreenPrizmodules

Application of the 2012 French Thermal Regulations and of the French decree dated 1 July 2013 imposing night-time turn-off of lighted signs

Key points:

GreenPrizenables real energy saving(no more invisible consumption such as the standby mode, close hourly control of electric heating, etc), while conducting training activities

Monitoring, control and analysis of electricity consumption (consumption data is stored on a 40-day sliding scale)

ON/OFF control schedule over 3 years with a precision of 15 minutes and various schedule deviation modes (delay, forced switch-on or forced switch-off)

Up to 100 slave modules managed by a single Master Box

Theoretical range up to 300m in free space or 100m in constrained environments

Maximum permissible load of 16A (~ 3,600 W under 230Vac)

MyGreenPrizsoftware for PC and tablet enabling communication with all the modules, as well as consumption monitoring and optimization


GZ01: GreenPriz starter kit (1x Master module – 3x Wall-socket – MyGreenPriz software)

GZ02: GreenPriz deployment kit (1x Master module – 3x Wall-socket – 1x Integrated module – 1x DIN module – 1x Multi-socket – 1x Trunking/ screw-inmodule - MyGreenPriz software)

GZM000A: GreenPriz Master Box

GZE0003: GreenPriz wall-socket

GZE0004: GreenPriz integrated box

GZE0002: GreenPriz multi-socket

GZE0001: GreenPriz trunking/ screw-inmodule

GZE0005: GreenPriz DIN Module

GZA0012: USB dongle for the Shutdown PC software